Ultimate Storm-proof Underwater Matches

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These matches are the ultimate survival tool. Completely waterproof, they'll light even if drenched. And once lit they cannot be blown out. Entirely windproof, they'll burn in a hurricane. Submerge a lit match in water? It will continue to burn.

  • Includes 12 Titan matches, 3 replaceable strikers, waterproof case and cord
  • Titan Stormproof matches are windproof and burn up to 25 seconds in duration
  • Titan matches stay lit under water and in gale force winds
  • Case is waterproof, floats in water and has integrated striker holder
  • Match Kit is 4.5-Inch tall and 1.5-Inch in diameter
  • As seen on Crazy Russian Hacker (Taras kul) both thumbs up
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